From the geometry to the selection of every single component,
we tailor your dream titanium bike build to reflect your story and what you value.


Let's discuss your dream bike based on your style of riding, where you go and what you value


Using a bike fit or your current bike, we will create a geometry of your titanium frameset


While the titanium frame is being made, we will make sure we have all the necessary parts for your build


Around 4-5 months later, you'll be riding with AUREN

We do a wide spectrum of builds to suit diverse needs including geometry, gearing, mounting points, tyre clearance, aesthetic preferences and more.

For best results...

"Fit First, Buy Later"

However, we can work with you in a number of ways such as designing a geo based on your current comfortable bike, a past bike fit, a standard geometry or even your body measurements/flexibility/injuries and goals.

Some things you might be wondering about...

How much does a titanium frame weigh?
A titanium frame with good ride quality typically weighs 1.5-2kg depending on size and type. Frames can be lighter than this by using thinner gauge tubing but this compromises how the bike rides.
I’ve recently bought a bike but tempted by titanium, what can I do?
A frame-swap is an economical way to improve your fit, make changes to tyre clearance/mounts/etc and enjoy the benefits of titanium. Feel free to chat with us about how we can transform your bike. When you sell your old frame, the net cost might not be much.
What is the turnaround time for a titanium frame or bike?
At the moment, a custom titanium frame or bike end-to-end process is taking around 4-5 months for us.
Why is titanium good for bikes?
Titanium has an unparalleled blend of performance across weight, durability and ride quality metrics.
How to clean titanium bike frames
Titanium bike frames can be cleaned in most cases with window cleaner or similar. If there is scuffing, Scotch-Brite or a similar mild abrasive will do the job. Just be sure to only buff in the current direction of brushing (perpendicular to tube length).
Can AUREN make titanium bikes with fully integrated cabling?
Yes, there are a range of cable routing options for our custom bikes including fully hidden or semi-hidden, for the best of both worlds.
Can AUREN make frames for Rohloff and belt drives?
Yes, we do! Reach out and we can discuss your dream build.
Will a titanium bike rust?
No, under normal conditions titanium frames won't rust even without any paint or coating, making them a great partner for adventure.
Is a titanium bike better than carbon?
Titanium vs Carbon for bikes frame all depends on your priorities. If you care most about weight and typically only ride very smooth surfaces, carbon is probably a good choice. However, if you also care about durability, compliance and versatility, consider titanium.
How long does a titanium bike frame last?
Durability of a titanium frame can vary a bit depending on production quality and design choices. We have durability at the forefront of our priorities, particularly with common problem areas in the industry such as headsets, bottom brackets and dropouts and back this with a lifetime warranty so you can think of your custom titanium frame as a long-term investment.
Can you paint titanium bike frames?
Yes, you can paint or anodize titanium our frames if you're not into the raw look. Let us know your ideas and we will work with you to make it a reality.