AUREN Swift Titanium Gravel Bike Australia Left Wide
AUREN Kookaburra Wide
AUREN All Road Carbon Wheels 35mm 28mm wide DT350 Hub Wide
AUREN Swift Titanium Gravel Bike Australia Right Wide
AUREN Swift Titanium Gravel Front Engraved

From the geometry to the selection of every single component,
we tailor your dream titanium bike build to reflect your story and what you value.


Let's discuss your dream bike based on your style of riding, where you go and what you value


Using a bike fit or your current bike, we will create a geometry of your titanium frameset


While the titanium frame is being made, we will make sure we have all the necessary parts for your build


Around 3-4 months later, you'll be riding with AUREN

In a world of changing temperatures and rising landfills, we build with the most enduring materials and take care to understand exactly what you are looking for.

Our goal is that you love your bike a decade from now as much as the first day.

With 3AL2.5V aerospace titanium, tapered semi-integrated head tubes, and paint free finishes as standard, our design and build is centered around timelessness.


“At 6’7” (2m), I couldn’t find a bike that properly fit”

“Eventually I realised a custom frame was the only way but when I saw how expensive they were, I thought surely we can do better”

Then AUREN Bikes was born

William Young, Founder
AUREN Frames Headtube

Now we do a wide spectrum of builds to suit diverse needs including geometry, gearing, mounting points, tyre clearance, aesthetic preferences and more.

For best results, we always say...

"Fit First, Buy Later"

However, we can work with you in a number of ways such as designing a geo based on your current comfortable bike, a past bike fit, a standard geometry or even your body measurements/flexibility/injuries and goals.

Curious about custom?
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