Thanks for choosing Auren!

Here's some tips to help you get the most out of your new ebike...
Please do give it a read!

AUREN EV eBike electric bike display


Turn on the display with a long press of the button right at the top.

You can choose your assist mode, 0 (no assist) to 3 (boost mode) using the up and down arrows on the front panel.

To turn on/off the lights, long press the up button. To walk the bike with motor assist, long press the down button.
Auren enviolo gates electric bike shifter

Changing gears with enviolo

The CVT gearbox is maintenance free and easy to use.

To made riding easier, twist the grip shifter up, and vice versa.

It's best to ease off pedalling to shift as you'll notice it twists more easily. You can shift while stopped too!

IMPORTANT: Before taking off, it helps a lot to shift down to a low gear; when you're rolling, you can shift back up.


The battery is removable with the press of the central top button but can be locked on the bike using the two keys provided on the handlebar.

You can charge with the battery on or off the bike and the little circle button can give you a quick battery level indication.

Once the light on the charger goes green, please disconnect and your bike is ready to ride!

Tire pressure

Maintaining correct tyre pressure is important for getting the most out of your ride. For most people, 45psi in the front and 50psi in the rear works well.

Higher than that and the ride will get more harsh. Too much lower and it'll become more effort and battery draining to ride.
Auren enviolo gates electric bike side rack


The front rack is an optional extra and the fenders/mudguards are removable.

Customise according to your needs :)
Auren enviolo gates electric bike rear

Road / Non-Road Mode (IMPORTANT)

Requirements in Australia are that the electric assist shuts off when the bicycle exceeds 25kph. These bikes are delivered in non-road mode without the restriction however depending on your usage, you can configure the settings to comply. See the video guide here.

Since the motor turns off above 25kph in road mode, the battery will last longer in this configuration also.

All of these tips should get you going smoothly but it's still important to be mindful and check that your bike is in good working order each time you ride.

Once you get riding, if you have any questions or if there's anything we can help with, feel free to reach out: