At the core of what we do, our promise is to make you a frameset or bike that suits you more than any other on the market. If we don't think we can fulfil that, we won't build it. Our commitment to down-to-earth pricing in just a bonus.

So let's look at what we can customise together...

AUREN Body Geometry Diagram


Dialing in geometry is the first step to ensuring your bike is comfortable, efficient and handles how you'd hope. There are three ways we can go about this.

Option 1 Dynamic Bike Fit (email report data to
Saddle rail (x,y)
Handlebar (x,y)
Crank length
Desired stem length/angle

Option 2 Mirror Existing Geometry

Option 3 Standard Geometry
Complete the fit form and we’ll do the rest
AUREN Titanium Bike Eagle MTB Rear Angle

Tyre Clearance

Depending on where you plan to ride, we can tailor the tyre clearance to provide you the versatility you need.

700x28-32C | Disc Road
For hitting mostly just tarmac. Fast.

700x28-35C | All Road
For optimising that speed/comfort blend, and mixing surfaces on the daily

700x32-45C / 650bx2.25 | Gravel
For the ultimate all-rounder, one bike to rule them all

29x2.4-2.6 / 27.5x2.4-2.6 | Ultimate Adventure, XC & Trail Hardtails
For the ultimate adventure bikers and hardtail trail riders

Bottom Bracket Shell

A critical decision for a smooth, reliable & serviceable ride.

T47 | Recommended
Best on all fronts for avoiding creaks, servicing, stiffness and internal cable routing

BSA | Runner-Up
Similar to T47 but the smaller diameter makes it less stiff and reduces space for internal cable routing

Pressfit/BB30/etc | Other Options
If you have other preferences for any reason, we can accommodate
AUREN Headsets


There are a number of standards for how the fork gets connected to the frame.

Semi-integrated Tapered, 1 ⅛ - 1.5, 44/56 | Recommended
The pressed in cups means the frame is protected. This option is easy to maintain and suits most tapered forks.

Integrated/External/FSA ACR/etc | Other Options
If you have other preferences for any reason, we can accommodate
AUREN Swift Titanium Gravel Front Engraved

Cable Routing

This depends on what groupset you're planning to run or may run in the future and how you plan to ride.

Tube-in-tube Internal | Best for 1X
No rattle, easy to install cables and no entry points in the frame for dirt/water

Cap Internal | Best for 2X & Di2/Mech
More adaptable to allow for Di2 / mechanical interchange

External | Best for Wilderness
The most accessible and serviceable for outback overhauls


This is tailored to suit the wheels you hope to run as well as derailleur vs single speed/belt drive options.

12x100 - 12x142 | Gravel/Disc Road
The modern standard for road and gravel

Boost 15x110 - 12x148 | MTB
The modern standard for XC and Trail Hardtails. Non-boost or extra wide can be done though

Rocker, Sliding, QR, Nutted | Other
There are a wide range of dropout options we can accommodate
AUREN Eagle Hardtail Titanium Bike Rear Dropout


This is tailored to suit the wheels you hope to run as well as derailleur vs single speed/belt drive options.

Flat-mount Disc | Gravel/Disc Road
Install a 160mm rotor on the rear without adapters as standard.

IS/Post-mount Disc | Adventure & MTB
Various rotor size and mounting location options

Rim Brake | Good ol’ Road
We can still do that if you want...


Fairly self-explanatory.

27.2mm | Road/Gravel
The common standard for a bit of extra compliance and weight saving

30.9/31.6mm | MTB
Most dropper seatposts are available in these sizes


There's quite a few options to help you hold your gear and more.

Regular bottle/bidon (top of DT, front of ST)
Extra bottle/bidon (under DT, Bento TT top)
Rear pannier rack mounts
Fender/mudguard mounts
Front derailleur Braze-on
Whatever else your heart desires
AUREN Frames Headtube

Sandblasting & Engraving

The finishing touch to make your custom bike truly yours.

Head-tube logo
This can be sandblasted or engraved according to what you think is cooler

Custom graphics
We can blast your name, a meaningful emblem or something else into your frame

While your titanium frame or bike can be made fully custom, here's some featured builds below to give you some ideas to base your own build off.

  • Road Orientation100%

  • Road Orientation50%

  • Road Orientation20%

  • Road Orientation5%
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